Bingo Brawlers - Season 2
Elden Ring

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Download the Mod used in Season 2:


The league format will be lockout 1v1’s. The first half of the league will be a Round robin setup where each player gets to play against each other once, resulting in 7 matches for each individual. After that phase is completed the top 3 players will be moved into a Single Elimination best of 3’s tournament bracket for 1v1 lockout.

What is Lockout?

Players try to complete a single line (5 squares in a row on any row/column/diagonal) as quickly as possible. Squares are locked out by a player claiming them; if Player A claims a square, Player B can no longer claim that square.
The first player to complete a line wins. If a bingo line win condition is not possible for one player, the opponent can win by majority. A Bingo line is a priority win over majority. If at the end of 2 hours there isnt a (By bingo or majority (13 squares)), whoever has the most squares wins. A tie is only possible in the round robin matches if the timer of 2 hours runs out and both players have the same amount of squares.

Want to try it out yourself and with your friends? The JSON file with all the objectives is down below!


Bingo Board

Winning lines are horizontal, vertical and diagonal. If no winning lines are available, majority wins.


Final results


Top 3 Lockout Bracket Playoffs

Exhibition Matches


Name Wins Draws Losses Games Lines SQs
1 catalystz 6 0 1 7 3 67
2 bushy 4 1 2 7 2 71
3 NuclearPastaTom 4 1 2 7 1 78
4 Puppery 4 0 3 7 3 54
5 LilAggy 3 0 4 7 0 57
6 Zoodle 3 0 4 7 2 60
7 blueberrybrioche 1 2 4 7 1 68
8 itzCBD 1 0 6 7 0 45

Round robin matches

The time and date down below is in CST/CDT.

Round 1

Co-commentator: Zoodle
Date Red Blue VOD
Puppery blueberrybrioche 🔗
itzCBD NuclearPastaTom 🔗
LilAggy bushy 🔗
catalystz - 🔗

Round 2

Co-commentator: star0chris
Date Red Blue VOD
bushy catalystz 🔗
- Puppery
NuclearPastaTom LilAggy 🔗
blueberrybrioche itzCBD 🔗

Round 3

Co-commentator: parkenharbor
Date Red Blue VOD
catalystz NuclearPastaTom 🔗
LilAggy blueberrybrioche 🔗
Puppery itzCBD 🔗
Zoodle bushy 🔗

Round 4

Co-commentator: Yojo
Date Red Blue VOD
itzCBD LilAggy 🔗
NuclearPastaTom Zoodle 🔗
blueberrybrioche catalystz 🔗
bushy Puppery 🔗

Round 5

Co-commentator: Yojo
Date Red Blue VOD
bushy NuclearPastaTom 🔗
catalystz itzCBD 🔗
LilAggy catalystz 🔗
Puppery LilAggy 🔗

Round 6

Co-commentator: star0chris
Date Red Blue VOD
bushy itzCBD 🔗
blueberrybrioche bushy 🔗
Zoodle itzCBD 🔗
Zoodle blueberrybrioche 🔗

Round 7

Co-commentator: parkenharbor
Date Red Blue VOD
Zoodle LilAggy 🔗
Puppery catalystz 🔗
NuclearPastaTom Puppery 🔗
NuclearPastaTom blueberrybrioche 🔗

Gameplay Rules

  • Must play on the latest patch
  • No mods, excluding startup logo removal mod
  • No exploits, skips, or glitches
    • Wrong warps, out of bounds, “chainsaw” glitch, and other obvious glitches are all banned
    • Stake skips are banned
    • Skipping bosses unintended to be skipped is banned (e.g. skipping Godskin Noble to get to Rykard)
    • Gravity kill on Radahn is banned
    • Gravity kills on Night’s Cavalry and other minor bosses are allowed
    • Quitouts are allowed
    • Unintended but inbounds skips to get around the map faster are allowed (e.g. jumping down the wall at the start of Leyndell)
    • Explosive physick somber 7 skip is not allowed
  • Players must mark squares as soon as reasonably possible after completing them (i.e. no “hiding” progress to surprise other players later)
    • For squares regarding boss kills, please wait for the “Enemy Felled” text to appear before marking
  • For squares that mention “bosses”, enemies must have a red health bar at the bottom of the screen to count (e.g. Greyoll does not count towards “Defeat 3 dragon bosses”)
  • For squares that do not specifically mention “bosses”, non-respawnable enemies as well as bosses count (e.g. the Ulcerated Tree Spirit in Stormveil Castle counts towards “Defeat 3 Ulcerated Tree Spirits”, even though it is not a boss)
  • For squares that mention “Caves/Grottos”, “Catacombs”, or “Tunnels”, only dungeons that specifically contain those words in their title count (e.g. “Ruin-Strewn Precipice” does not count as a cave, but “Cave of Knowledge” does)
  • For “Defeat X bosses in Limgrave/Liurnia/Caelid/Altus Plateau” squares:
    • Weeping Peninsula counts as Limgrave
    • Dragonbarrow counts as Caelid
    • Mt. Gelmir counts as Altus Plateau
    • Magma Wyrm Makar counts as a Liurnia boss
    • Grafted Scion counts towards Limgrave bosses
  • For the “Defeat a boss on Torrent the whole fight” square:
    • Gravity kills do not count
    • If you are knocked off Torrent, you must reset the fight
  • For the “Defeat 3 Erdtree Avatars” square, Putrid Avatars also count
  • No quitting out on Godrick dialogue after death
  • Not allowed to watch another players stream for info
  • Talismans have to be unique (Sacrificial counts however only 1)
  • Incants and Sorceries have to be unique for the collection squares
  • For Boss's and Invaders the "Enemy felled" text has to appear on screen. For NPC kills, kill isn't confirmed until runes are acquired (No map open to block the text)
  • Squares with killing X Boss refers to the instance not the amount. Tree Sentinel Duo is one horse boss. Killing 3 Watchdogs, the duo in Caelid count as two since the word boss is not in the square.
  • No rebirthing allowed